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Head Of Design / UX

We are looking for a Head of Design / UX to join and further grow our team.

Your Role / Responsibilities

  • You take the lead on creating exceptional experiences for the tchop app framework (iOS&Android) as well as for the editorial platform behind it
  • You develop high level and/or detailed storyboards, mockups, prototypes, and high fidelity screens to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
  • You work collaboratively alongside engineers and product management and stakeholders (as required) on improvements and new projects
  • You introduce thoughtful design patterns and make the design system more robust by documenting reusable design patterns/assets
  • You have good conceptual skills and know when it makes sense to start with wireframes first
  • You are the user-advocate during the development process, subjecting early-stage designs to usability testing or expert review, and offering implementation suggestions from a user-centred perspective
  • You help to improve support workflows and processes and are eager to learn

About You

  • You have broad experience in Product/UX/UI and Communication Design, with a particular strong background in mobile products and editorial systems (incl. content management)
  • You have good communication skills in English
  • You like dealing with technology, software and developers
  • You have strong experience working with Sketch and you have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • You’re comfortable with taking the lead on all design tasks — from beginning to end and iterating again — and have an established workflow that makes it possible/li>
  • You’re not afraid of JIRA, confluence or Slack
  • You can articulate your design decisions and know how to explain your ideas clearly
  • You’re a team player and communicate openly and fairly with everyone involved

Product Manager

We are looking for a product manager to join and further grow our team.

Your Role / Responsibilities

  • You represent the interests of our users and clients and you understand their needs & behaviors.
  • You use qualitative & quantitative methods (analytics, surveys, prototypes, MVPs, iterative releases) to find out how the product can be improved for current and future users.
  • You drive the general improvement and development process actively through JIRA/Confluence.
  • You come up with ideas and prepare requirements for development.
  • You work closely with our developers to receive assessments, come up with milestones and make sure deadlines are being met.
  • You define and monitor KPIs to measure the success of the product.

About You

  • Experience in user interfaces and research.
  • You have two or more years of experience developing digital products.
  • You have strong communication skills in English.
  • You have an eye for detail but you know that sometimes it’s more important for something to be finished than perfect.
  • You know the basics of agile processes.
  • You are passionate about a product but also love making decisions based on hard data.
  • You’re a team player and communicate openly and fairly with everyone involved.
  • You like dealing with technology, software and developers.
  • Communication skills in German are a plus.
  • You have experience with JIRA and Confluence.
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