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1. Tchop is service provider

As a part of the „Telemediengesetz“ (english German Teleservices Act) and the „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“ (english German Federal Data Protection Act), tchop is service provider and thus responsible for data security of all kind. Questions or inquiries about this data protection declaration or more generally on the „Telemediengesetz“ and the „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“ can be communicated through the following contact:

  • Tchop GmbH
  • Köpenicker Str. 148
  • 10997 Berlin - Deutschland
  • Email - privacy@tchop.io

Tchop takes your data extremely seriously. We treat your data confidentially and according to the German federal laws as well as this data protection statement.

2. Collection, processing and use of personal data

We will only collect, process and use your personal data only if this is legally allowed and only if you have agreed upon terms that allow us to do so.

3. Collection, processing and use of personal data within the tchop application

3.1 Automatic collection and storage of data when using our website

In mobile communication, due to technical reasons there will always be data transmitted from one server to another (e.g. date and time of your visit of our website, your browser, your browser setup, your operating system, the last website you have visited as well as the transmitted amount of data. Only in the case of an error data will be stored for 14 days for us to investigate potential reasons. After 14 days all data will be deleted. The data is usually non-personal. Your IP address is also recognized, in some cases this is personal data. The above mentioned data is used for internal system-related purposes only.

3.2 Collection processing and use of personal data when registering for an account and using tchop application.

If you want to have an account on our website, you first have to register. As part of the cost-free registration it is required to give away data (also personal) that will be stored and subsequently used. This data is necessary for you to get the benefits of a cost-free application. For registration of such accounts we will collect and process the following: your email address, your profile picture name, your company name as well as the password you can independently choose.

For registering and using tchop applications we will collect and use your email address and your self chosen password. Furthermore, it is up to you to give yourself a name and profile picture. All registration procedures we shall remain to us and subject to change at all time (e.g. mobile number instead of email address).

We will use the above mentioned data for authentication to create an account or to be an authorized „Reader“. In other words to be able to use the tchop application. Moreover, we will automatically collect and process data during the time you use your account and the tchop applications such as user-id, date and time of your login, your browser setup and operating system. In case you have not agreed to further collection, processing and use of your data we will delete your data if you decide to delete your account or delete/disable the tchop application.

3.3 Collection, processing and use of personal data in case of accounts subject to charge.

For you to benefit from accounts that are fee-based you are required to give further data (in parts personal) that will be processed and used from tchop. We will only store and use the data that is necessary. The following data is processed and stored: your name, invoice address, payment details (e.g. credit card number).

We will only use the above mentioned data for billing purposes of our services and to allow you to settle your financial obligation with tchop.

If you have not agreed to any terms that would allow us to use the above mentioned data for any other purposes we will immediately delete the data in case there are no more obligations on either side. However, we would like to inform you that we may be required to store some data due to legal reasons. In this case we will delete your data as soon as those legal requirements expire.

3.4 Right of access

All of the above mentioned data can be revised though one of our’s employees with appropriate expertise as well as by external IT experts mandated by tchop. We would like to let you know that a complete protection of data cannot be fully guaranteed due to the current state of art. Hence, the user himself is responsible for the data he transmits.

4. Further collection and use of data and transmission of data to third parties

In some circumstances we may transmit (personal) data to third parties. However, only if we are legally required to do so or you have allowed/asked us to do so.

5. Data protection outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area

The collection and procession of your data takes place in the offices of the firm „Amazon Web Services“ (AWS), which is located in Germany. In addition, we process some data due to specific reasons in locations outside of Europe. We have made sure that in these locations there is an appropriate amount of data security to protect your data when visiting out website or using tchop applications.

6. Cookies

For authentication we use so called „cookies“. A cookie is a short packet of data passed between communication programs, where the data is typically not meaningful to the recipient program. The cookie is often used like a ticket - to identify a particular event or transaction.
The user can either accept or not accept the cookie. The majority of users will accept cookies automatically. However, often cookies can also be not accepted through changing your browse set up. We would need to inform you though that it may well be the case that some services on our website cannot be used in full scope if cookies are disabled. Registration on our website, for example, is only possible when cookies are on.

You have the choice whether you want to use cookies or not. Modifying your browser setup you can get notified when you receive a cookie or you can straight away deactivate cookies of all kind.

7. Google Analytics

The website MZ uses functions of Google Analytics. Provider is the Google Inc. 1600 Parkway View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics uses cookies. (see above)
The data transmitted by the cookie is usually passed on to the server of Google in the US. However, in case of activation of the the IP anonymization, your IP address will be cut by member states of the European Union or those being a member in the European Economic Area. Thus, not all of your IP address will be transmitted to Google Servers.

Data collected from the cookie will be used by Google to analyze, track and report website traffic. Thus, users can now review online camp gains by tracking landing page quality and conversions. Your IP address transmitted to Google Analytics will not be brought together with other data from Google. You can prevent the storage of cookies by modifying your browser setup accordingly (see above). We would like to inform you that you may not get access to all functions of the website if you decide to do so. Furthermore, you can stop transmitting data to Google (including your IP-address), so that Google cannot use your data by clicking on the following link:
More information can be found here:

8. Intercom

Tchop uses the chat and support tool Intercom in order to provide users of our website as well as users having a tchop account with quick and useful feedback. We pass on your name, your email address and sometimes your IP address to the following for statistical measures:

98 Battery Street, Suite 402
San Franciso, CA 94111 USA

We do this to improve our service and to be able to answer your support questions quicker and more effectively. Intercom Inc. has joined the „Safe Harbor“ program (see https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000TNQvAAO). This program reaches a higher security degree for companies outside of the European Union. More about data security at Safe Harbor can be found here: https://www.intercom.com/terms-and-policies#privacy.

9. Postmark

Tchop uses the email service provider Postmark to send emails to users after registration, also for verification of an account. We pass on name and email address to the following service provider:

Wildbit LLC.
25 Chestnut St.,
Philadelphia, PA, 19106, USA

Wildbit has joined the „Safe Harbour“ program (https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt00000004EKYAA2&status=Active). Safe Harbor improves data security for companies outside of the European Union. More information can be found here: https://postmarkapp.com/eu-privacy#summary.

10. Right of access, delete and block data

Legally you have the right to access, delete and block your data. Furthermore you have the right to request information of your data at all time. You have the right to ask which data was stored and which was not. You have the right to ask why data was stored and for what purpose. You can do all that through the following contact:

Tchop GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 148
10997 Berlin - Deutschland
Email: privacy@tchop.io

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