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Everything youexpect froma real-time chattoday

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The tchop apps for iOS and Android offer a real time
chat solution that includes following features:

  • Private and Group Chats
  • Typing Indicators
  • User Online/Offline Status
  • Message History
  • Push Notifications
  • Emojis

Other than on the usual consumer chat services tchop gives you the full control about the discussion: you can set up 1:1 chats, private or public groups, invite the users your want and get instant feedback on any topic. You decide who can contribute or just follow, who is in or out.

Endless amount of opportunities

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Why let users switch between apps to follow relevant news and discuss those news with others? We don´t think that this makes sense. The combination of content, control and chat, news and converation is incredibly powerful.

  • Create dedicated chat groups around important mixes and topics - for a short period of time or ongoing

  • Get feedback from single or a group of users on an urgent topic

  • Use public groups to enable everybody to give valuable input anytime

  • Allow certain or all users to discuss confidential topics in 1:1 chats

User will get notified when they receive a new instant message so that they can respond quickly. That´s why a lot of users will turn on push notifications giving your service many more options to reach out to users. And establish your brand more prominantly on the smartphone of your target group.

Image of smartphone.Image of smartphone.Image of smartphone.

We take security seriously

Chats are about personal communication and often include sensitive messages. That´s why tchop uses a AES256 end-to-end encryption and token-based authorization to read/write access control. Our solution is fully GDPR compliant and routes only via EU-servers. We don ́t track your conversations, don ́t market your data and won ́t you any ads.

And if you nevertheless miss anything in terms of security and privacy - let us know anytime! We are confident to answer any questions ind detail.

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